About Us

Our Purpose and Goals:

  • To provide services to families with children with special needs and help meet the unique needs of those families with services, support and resources 

  • To provide early intervention services to children 0-3 with special needs/developmental delay and disabilities and their families

  • To provide services that ​assist in creating equitable environments for children such as school support services, workshops for teaching staff at community schools, etc.

  • To enhance the development of children with disabilities and to maximize their potential 

  • To educate parents/guardians/caretakers on child’s growth, development and particular developmental delay and/or disabilities to enhance their understanding and their responsiveness to the child’s individual characteristics, personality and needs

  • To provide trainings on specific methods and tasks associated with daily living situations that promote the child’s development

  • To provide education on social and emotional development, motor development, imaginative and dramatic play, early childhood learning and development, etc.

  • Help families of children with disabilities connect with community resources

  • Enhance the capacity of families and educational institutions to meet their child’s needs


We Believe in Effective Practices

We use a combination researched based methods and curriculum such as: Floor Time/DIR, The Affect-Based Language Curriculum, PECS, Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP), Applied Behavior Analyst methods, Discrete Trial and other familiar curriculums/theories that has been proven to improve cognitive, physical/motor, language/speech development, social emotional/psychosocial, self-help as well as interpersonal skills and overall development. The method or curriculum we use in each setting will vary depending on each child and family's individual needs and concerns.

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