About Us

Our Purpose and Goals:

  • Provide services and support to families with children, especially children with disabilities 

  • Help meet the unique needs of those families with services, support and resource

  • Provide services that ​assist in creating equitable environments for children with disabilities such as in-class support services, integrated specialist workshops for teaching staff at private and community schools, etc.

  • Enhance the development of all children and to maximize their potential 

  • Educate parents/guardians/caretakers about child development, development skills and particular developmental delay and/or disabilities. All to enhance understanding and responsiveness to the child’s individual characteristics, personality and needs

  • Provide trainings on specific methods and tasks associated with daily living situations that promote the child’s over all development

  • Provide educational opportunities in the areas of social and emotional development, motor development, imaginative and dramatic play, early childhood learning and development, etc.

  • Assist families of children with disabilities connect with community resources

  • Enhance the capacity of families and educational institutions in meeting their child’s needs by providing specialized trainings to teaching and school administering staff

  • Provide fun and learning opportunities for each child and family we serve


We Believe in Effective Practices

We use a combination researched based methods and curriculum such as: Floor Time/DIR, The Affect-Based Language Curriculum, PECS, Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP), Applied Behavior Analyst methods, Discrete Trial, Social-Skills Training and other familiar curriculums/theories that has been proven to improve cognitive, physical/motor, language/speech development, social emotional/psychosocial, self-help as well as interpersonal skills and overall development. The method or curriculum we use in each setting will vary depending on the program and each child and family's individual needs and concerns.